Product Reviews

Product Reviews


From time to time, a company will send me software or equipment to review. If I find the product worthwhile, I’ll post some comments here.

Another Good Standing Desk

My daughter Abigail Gellman, who is a law student, has spent more than a month using a FlexiSpot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk as her primary workspace. Here is her review.

I recently received Flexispot’s Kana Pro Bamboo Standing desk in the smallest size, 48 by 24, and with white legs. I have been thrilled with it so far!

A friend who graciously helped set it up put it together in about half an hour! He had an easy time-the only additional tool needed to put on some finishing touches (tightening the screws) on was a Phillips-head.

The desk surface, even with the comparatively smallest dimensions, is very spacious. I currently keep my 13-inch laptop and a similar-sized bookstand on it, which I was pleased to find perfectly matches the beautiful bamboo. There is plenty of room left, and I plan to get a larger standing monitor as a second screen. I am confident that even once I do so, there will still be leftover space for a notebook, textbook, water bottle, or coffee mug, etc.

The gradation of color on the bamboo surface is really easy on the eyes and the texture of the desktop is perfectly smooth. The desk is extremely sturdy and does not wobble at all. I have not felt the need to use any of the desk’s height customization settings, but was excited to see I have the option to preset and save any if I settle on the perfect ergonomic position. The touch-sensitive raise and lower buttons respond almost instantaneously. Overall, I love having the flexibility to adjust the height as I sit in varying positions while I work.

I am 100% happy with the desk’s quality, appearance, and storage capacity, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for an adjustable desk.

A Quality Standing Desk

My daughter Lily Gellman, who is writing a novel, has spent more than a month using a FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk as her primary workspace. Here is her review.

I’ve been very pleased with the FlexiSpot Standing Desk with Drawer (48″ x 24″) in walnut. What I’ll do in this review is let would-be buyers of this standing desk know how it measures up on the features that are most important in such a desk: ease of setup, general utility, comfort, work surface/storage, and aesthetics.

Ease of Setup:

I was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward this desk was to assemble. Other than moving the (very sturdy and heavy) main table piece into position, which was a two-person job, I put it together solo without any issues. The included Allen wrench was sufficient for all of the tightening, and the diagram in the instruction manual made it a breeze to correctly line up the metal leg pieces. The desk drawer, for its part, came already in place out of the box. I had worried that sorting out the cables for plugging the desk into the wall, for its charging stations, and for levering it up and down might be difficult, but everything was clearly marked and streamlined.

General Utility:

The desk is a cinch to lever up and down, and only requires a light touch on the “up” and “down” buttons to make minor adjustments and get it to the perfect height. I’ll frequently begin my workday standing, then lever down a bit to continue on a project while seated, and then spring back up to standing after a short rest.

Comfort and Convenience:

The customization makes it extremely comfortable to sit at, stand at, or lean on. But my favorite feature of the desk is the three-device charging station just the right of the up/down buttons: two USB ports and a c-type port. Essentially, I can simultaneously charge my laptop, tablet, and phone right from the desk. No nightmarishly snaking cables from a distant extension cord required.

Work Surface/Storage:

The generous work surface is also a boon to me. This isn’t your desk if you only have a very small office nook, but if you can spare the space, it makes working with multiple devices and stacks of documents nice and painless. You can lay out all your work materials without worrying about clutter or accidental elbow-knocks to your books, papers, and/or caffeinated beverages.

Meanwhile, the pull drawer looks a bit small but is surprisingly capacious. Here are just some of the items comfortably stored there at the moment: a mouse, tape, scissors, keys, spare glasses, a pencil sharpener, a wallet, pens and pencils, several folders full of documents, and a few packs of index cards.


It’s a very handsome-looking desk — especially the smooth walnut work surface. I’m not crazy about the molding on the sides of the desk, but that’s just a personal preference, and it doesn’t look cheap or out of place.

So, the verdict:

Overall, if you’re in the market for a flexible workstation, and you’ve got the space for it (double-check the dimensions), I’d highly recommend this desk.