Public events and appearances

A virtual tour has one advantage: tune in and send questions from anywhere
May 18, 2020: Live on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and the 11th Hour with Brian Williams
May 19, 2020: AtlanticLIVE book talk with editor Jeff Goldberg
May 20, 2020: Conversation with David Ignatius at Politics & Prose
May 20, 2020: Interview with Dave Davies on Fresh Air
May 21, 2020: The Skullduggery podcast with Dan Klaidman and Michael Isikoff
May 21, 2020: Background Briefing with Ian Masters
May 22, 2020: Sirius XM’s Press Pool with Julie Mason
May 27, 2020: Video podcast with Nick Gillespie on the Reason Interview
May 27, 2020: Conversation with Carol Leonnig at Town Hall in Seattle
May 30, 2020: Conversation with Chris Chambers at Princeton Reunions
June 1, 2020: The Lawfare Podcast with Jack Goldsmith
June 2, 2020: The Cyberlaw Podcast with Stewart Baker
June 3, 2020: [POSTPONED] Conversation with Del Wilber at National Press Club
June 5, 2020: [POSTPONED] Ask Me Anything on Reddit
June 10, 2020: Conversation with Anne Kornblut at the Commonwealth Club
June 11, 2020: Conversation with Emily Bell at the New York Public Library
June 22, 2020: Conversation with Craig Snyder at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

Coming soon: Recode/Decode, Slate’s The Gist, Keen On, Vital Interests, The Nation, AEI, and The Big Picture